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how i will help you

I get it. You want an organized home with a place for everything and everything in its place. But who has time AND energy for that?! Between the demands of work, family, activities – you are doing your best to keep all the balls in the air. But you so wished you could walk into your home every night after a long day and actually see your HOME and not your STUFF. Where do you even start?  

I see the beautiful pantries in the magazines, but how would I even re-create anything that remotely resembles something worthy for Pinterest?

Let’s start with a phone conversation to see how I can best help your situation. I will not only develop a system that looks beautiful, but that is actually functional and easy to maintain.  I will do the purging, planning, and install of the system for you because I know time is the one resource you are lacking. 

All I see is STUFF. Toys are every where I turn! My kids have so much and they barely even touch half of it.

I get it. Your kids are slowly taking over your entire house. The reason your kids barely touch half of their toys is because they, too, are overwhelmed with decisions. I will help pair down their beloved treasures – leaving only the items they care most about, install a system that can be easily maintained by all members of the family, and you will get your house back. 

I’m thinking of selling my house but at this point, it is so cluttered I think a home stager would run the other direction.

Staged homes sell quicker and for more money – up to 6% more! Staging your home is a definite essential in today’s real estate market. I will advise you on what areas you need to focus on, compile a check list for each room of your house, and set a deadline. I will then return to your home to accessorize, arrange, and stage ensuring a quick sell of your home. 

Hi! I’m rochelle.

I have been in real estate the last 3 years and after walking through over a thousand homes, I know a thing or two about homes, systems, organization, and staging. I get it – life is crazy busy! Everyone loves a beautifully decorated and ORGANIZED home – but very few know how to actually achieve it. My formal education is in art, so thinking outside of the box while making the solution look pretty is second nature to me. You really can have both function and beautiful design co-exist together!

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