Battery Organization in a Cutlery Tray

Battery Organization – FINALLY!

I honestly do not know what has taken me so very long to organize my batteries. I reach for them often, and every time, it takes me FOREVER to dig through the mess of a basket to find the size I am needing. Plus! I never have a clue how many I still have in any given size and it

Take exhibit A….

This is how I stored my batteries for years. And when you have little kids at your house that have 756478463838 toys that require batteries, I am in this basket more than I’d care to admit. It drove me nuts thumbing through everything, picking through the loose batteries that had fallen out of their plastic sleeves, and trying to find the last GD AAA battery before my son looses his ever lovin’ mind!

Mamas – you know all too well what I’m talkin’ about.

And then… then came along this….

{Cutlery tray}

A super simple frosted plastic cutlery tray from the local Targets. Yes, my friends. That is all it takes!

A quick sort of my inventory left me with this….

Ain’t she a beaut Clark? As you can tell, I never know what batteries I have, thus buying 4 packages of 9V – apparently I can go another 7 years of changing smoke detector batteries! Fully stocked on AA and D – I knew I was completely out of AAA from a dead TV remote a few weeks back. BUT! NOW I can fully see what I have and what I’m missing at a glance! And that, my friends, makes this chick super happy! 🙂

If you want to watch me “in action” with the FB live videos – you can find me here!

Happy organizing!

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