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Pumpkin Topiaries

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Yes, it out-ranks Christmas in my books! I almost have just as many Halloween decorations as I do Christmas decorations. It’s getting out of control! But each year I like to add a little something more, change up my front porch a tad from the year previous – and this year is no exception!

I stumbled across these darling Halloween Topiaries in a magazine. I knew they’d be perfect in my large urns on each side of my front door. UNTIL I saw their $180 price tag. FOR EACH! As much as I love Halloween, even I couldn’t justify dropping $400 on 2 topiaries for my urns. Next option? I’ll make them!

I watched the sales at JoAnn’s and ended up purchasing 2 large and 2 medium sized carveable pumpkins, paints, dowel rods, and ribbon for $66!! The 2 smallest pumpkins came from Target’s Dollar Bins at $3 a piece. So all in, I had $71 invested for 2 topiaries. Not bad! Less than half price of ONE from the magazine!

I painted the largest pumpkins black, medium pumpkins white, and the smallest ones orange. From there I used my magazine picture for inspiration. After the base coats were completely dry, I penciled in my design. I found one of the kids juice cups as my circle for the polka dots, free-handed the wonky stripes on the white pumpkins, and folded up a piece of paper into a square, turned it for a diamond, and traced for the smallest pumpkin.

I went over everything with a second coat and let dry.

After that, I basically outlined everything with gold paint. They were looking so great!!

However, craft paint and the elements I knew wouldn’t hold up. And you’ll see from the picture above, the paint isn’t glossy, either. So after I assembled the pumpkins together, gluing each one with hot glue and ramming a wooden dowel up the middle for additional stability, I sprayed everything down with a high glossy clear spray paint. That sealed in the craft paint, making them more than sturdy for whatever wind, rain, or even snow elements September and October in Kansas City bring us!

Didn’t they turn out great?!?! To add a little more pizazz to the urns, I stuck in some Halloween floral picks from Hobby Lobby, and of course, my trusty Witches Legs from years ago!

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE it!! Seriously makes me so happy every time I look out front!

And let’s take a peek at the inspiration pic and my finished pic. Who wore it better?!?!?! (Duh, mine totally did!)


Half Bath Refresh

Let’s take it back to the original listing photo of our half bath – I forgot to take any other pics before I tore into it – but rest assured, besides me adding in a picture on the wall, this bathroom looked the exact same.

Hello Snooze-ville. So boring!!!

And now the after!! (I’ll list all the sources at the bottom)

Wall color is Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. It’s almost black. A real deep charcoal. And I thought what would go better with basically black but some glam gold! It really makes the accessories and wall color pop against each other!

This bathroom refresh only took a few hours. Ok, only a few hours for ME.

First things first, I cleared everything out of the room, mirror included. I left the old light hung so I could see what I was doing – duh! I filled and sanded all the holes from the toilet paper holder, towel ring, and old mirror.

Then, I wiped all the baseboards down and then taped it off with frog paint. Frog paint adheres so much better when there isn’t hair, dust, and crunchies in the way. Gross.

Moving along! Then I got to painting! I like to work top to bottom so I always cut in first along the ceiling, and then work my way down the corners, around the door frame, and then last the baseboards. Then onto rolling! I thought one coat was sufficient for this – I double checked that none of the light tan was peeking through anywhere, and for the most part, I think it all covered great!

Oh hey there creepy lady in the mirror! 🙂

While the paint was drying, I went back to work. I let it be for about an hour or so and then went back in to add in the accessories. I was on a time crunch and wanted this baby put back together before the precious cherubs made it home from school (read heathens).

The toilet paper and towel bar I used the molly’s or zip-its or whatever you want to call it – for extra stability. No one is gentle on the toilet paper holder OR towel bar – so it’s best to have that sucker anchored into the wall so it doesn’t jiggle in a month or fly off when someone goes to wipe their hands.

The mirror. Ok, so this sucker is fairly heavy and I knew I wasn’t going to hit any studs to hang this – so I used the zip-its again. However, I wanted the mirror to actually be level and I didn’t want 17 1/2″ holes in the wall behind the mirror so I did what my husband always harps about – I actually measured AND used a level. I know, I was pretty impressed myself. Success! It’s level and only required me drilling into the drywall ONCE!

My husband was out of town so I decided to wait for him to install the new faucet and light when he got back. I am so glad I did because he had to remove the ENTIRE sink off the wall to take out the old faucet and install the new one. Amen for master plumbers and the wives who love them. 🙂

The light was an easy switch. I had my husband take the old light off and I hopped back on the ladder to touch up the paint around the opening. The old light’s base was much wider than my new light, so I knew I would have some touch-ups to do prior to installing the new light. We let the paint dry for about 10 minutes and then the Mr. hopped right on that ladder and had my new light shining bright in about 7 minutes. BAM! It all came together with a flip of the switch!!

And of course, little Willie who is my new shadow – he got in the action, too.

I love my new bathroom and I am so happy I went dark and dramatic for this space – it makes me smile every time I look in there. And since this bathroom is directly across the garage door – I see this room about 17 times a day. Super easy update with maximum results!!


Wall Color: Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

Mirror: Lowe’s

Faucet: Delta

Towel Bar: Delta

Toilet Paper Holder: Delta

Hand Towel: Target

Light: Amazon

Toilet Paper Basket: Target

Basket on Back of Toilet: Target

Light Switch Covers: Amazon

Picture: Super old from TJ Maxx

Iron Scrolly Bowl Thing: Super old from Gordman’s??