Pumpkin Topiaries

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Yes, it out-ranks Christmas in my books! I almost have just as many Halloween decorations as I do Christmas decorations. It’s getting out of control! But each year I like to add a little something more, change up my front porch a tad from the year previous – and this year is no exception!

I stumbled across these darling Halloween Topiaries in a magazine. I knew they’d be perfect in my large urns on each side of my front door. UNTIL I saw their $180 price tag. FOR EACH! As much as I love Halloween, even I couldn’t justify dropping $400 on 2 topiaries for my urns. Next option? I’ll make them!

I watched the sales at JoAnn’s and ended up purchasing 2 large and 2 medium sized carveable pumpkins, paints, dowel rods, and ribbon for $66!! The 2 smallest pumpkins came from Target’s Dollar Bins at $3 a piece. So all in, I had $71 invested for 2 topiaries. Not bad! Less than half price of ONE from the magazine!

I painted the largest pumpkins black, medium pumpkins white, and the smallest ones orange. From there I used my magazine picture for inspiration. After the base coats were completely dry, I penciled in my design. I found one of the kids juice cups as my circle for the polka dots, free-handed the wonky stripes on the white pumpkins, and folded up a piece of paper into a square, turned it for a diamond, and traced for the smallest pumpkin.

I went over everything with a second coat and let dry.

After that, I basically outlined everything with gold paint. They were looking so great!!

However, craft paint and the elements I knew wouldn’t hold up. And you’ll see from the picture above, the paint isn’t glossy, either. So after I assembled the pumpkins together, gluing each one with hot glue and ramming a wooden dowel up the middle for additional stability, I sprayed everything down with a high glossy clear spray paint. That sealed in the craft paint, making them more than sturdy for whatever wind, rain, or even snow elements September and October in Kansas City bring us!

Didn’t they turn out great?!?! To add a little more pizazz to the urns, I stuck in some Halloween floral picks from Hobby Lobby, and of course, my trusty Witches Legs from years ago!

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE it!! Seriously makes me so happy every time I look out front!

And let’s take a peek at the inspiration pic and my finished pic. Who wore it better?!?!?! (Duh, mine totally did!)


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